Project Coachella 2010

It might not sound very exciting to Westcoast Americans, but for me my latest crazy idea that is about to turn real definitely is exciting: I finally decided to at least consider seeing Coachella festival this April. To me this means more than just going to a festival. It means going 6.524 miles, on a plane, living in hotels, to a place I’ve never been to – all of this just to see a couple of bands. Well that’s me. Obsessed and a tiny bit insane.

First step ’til realization will be: getting time off from work for mid April – this should be done easily. Then I will need a hotel, I’m not eager to sleep in a tent again (see the Roskilde diaries). Then tickets. But I can’t do all of this today, I have to cool down first, ’cause right now I’m still so excited I would book tickets and rooms immediately out of impulse and no matter what it costs. I have to sleep one night over this idea and then make grown-up, wise decisions.

Ah, and about the music: I only found out about the line up this early morning and it is HUGE. Huge not only in quantity, but in quality… Faith No More. Muse. Them Crooked Vultures. Mew. Grizzly Bear. Miike Snow. Phoenix. Thom Yorke. Echo & The Bunnymen. Gorillaz (THAT will be interesting!)…To name only a few.

Once the crazyness in my head has vanished and I’m being reasonable again, I will keep you posted. This would fill up some gaps in my review list, I’m telling you…

All about this year’s Coachella.

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