Darling of the week – No. 24 – German football world cup team

Yes, they were group-hugging a lot last Sunday. It was the first really exciting game and the best team so far in this world cup. With an end result of 4:0 goals they stomped the Australian guys’ work ethic into the deep grounds of South Africa’s fake grass. That is worth a non-musical darling (Because the Vuvuzela-concert does NOT count as music).

Darling of the week – No. 23 – Rue McClanahan

Good Bye Blanche, thank you for being a friend!
You have helped making a revolutionary step in TV history. This innocent looking, sweet candy coloured show called “Golden Girls” has had senior ladies living in the 80’s talking about AND having sex all the time, which made even the early Madonna look like a bit of a yawn.
For all you kids who are too young to remember her as Blanche: just imagine her as the first draft of Samantha Jones – there you go.