another one is over…

…and the next one can only get better.

We wish you all a very happy new year!

We spare ourselves the completely needless custom of making a pseudo-important “favorites of 2009”-list, there are millions of them online already and it’s so totally subjective. The only thing we are sure of: La Roux, Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys’ new album are NOT on our list. Amen.

Expect beautiful beats in 2010…

…Nada Surf announced a cover album including Depeche Mode’s biggest hit “Enjoy the Silence”. As this one is especially annoying due to every day power play on radios all over the world, we are really looking forward to hear Nada Surf’s version! Well, about the idea of doing only covers…we will have to wait and see about that. Normally this is kind of a sinking ship, but let’s give the boys a sympathy bonus.
Also, the guys have already posted tour dates for next spring – unfortunately only a few. We hope their calendar gets fuller in the next weeks and the tour visits some places close enough for us to go.