The trouble with fan culture

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Everyone is a fan of something.

It could be a band, or a football club, or a particular celebrity that you’re a fan of. You could be a fan of your kid, or your cat, or chocolate covered donuts. We are all different, but we all need something to be excited about.

There is, however, a difference between being a fan and BEING A FAN. There exists a group of people who take being a fan to a new level, which can make things rather problematic for the peaceful coexistence of fans of different orientation.

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The perfect bank holiday playlist to cure a headache!

This is what we hope you did this Bank Holiday Monday:

1. Stayed in bed
2. Cuddled someone
2. Had coffee
3. Read a book

To get over the fact that tomorrow is a regular work day, we advise you to listen to this playlist, made of soft tones, chilled tunes and lyrical codeine, guaranteed to pick you up and make you feel wonderful before everything goes back to La Tristessé. Continue reading The perfect bank holiday playlist to cure a headache!

Ja Ja Ja Music Guest Post: Watch: Broken Twin – Glimpse Of A Time (Live at Roskilde Festival for Nordic Playlist)

Read my guest post over at Ja Ja Ja Music, where I talk about the amazing Broken Twin performing ‘Glimpse Of A Time’ live at this year’s Roskilde Festival for the guys at Nordic Playlist.

It is a pretty stunning performance, I can tell you that much. And if you’re not familiar with Broken Twin, count this as our official recommendation.

let’s call it a comeback

The “normal” announcement first: Garbage are almost back. A good part of the new album is recorded, a tour planned for next year. yes..

But more disturbingly, old Mr. MC Hammer is desperately trying to make a comeback by making fun of JayZ. Not that we wouldn’t appreciate it, but the funniest thing in the whole video is one line: “I don’t Roc your Wear”. Erm