Some full moons ago the brain fell into a coma. It was moved to a nicer place where the surroundings are healthier for a musical brain. Now it has come back to life.

And to celebrate this, we are going to see Edwyn Collins do a gig after being through almost exactly the same thing as the brain. He had a stroke, one half of his body was paralised, and the only thing he could remember was his wife’s name. With a lot of help of the latter he made it back to life. He recorded a new album and is on stage again soon. Being very grateful for that, we want to invite you to read Grace Maxwell’s book:

Darling of the week – No. 24 – German football world cup team

Yes, they were group-hugging a lot last Sunday. It was the first really exciting game and the best team so far in this world cup. With an end result of 4:0 goals they stomped the Australian guys’ work ethic into the deep grounds of South Africa’s fake grass. That is worth a non-musical darling (Because the Vuvuzela-concert does NOT count as music).